Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year in Love 2012

Today I want to speak to you about your New Year in Love

What is it going to look like? What is it going to feel like? What is the experience going to be like for you? This is the perfect moment to choose... a perfect moment to start a new love life for yourself.

How would you do that? I would suggest creating a vision and I encourage you to Vision Big.

You can create a vision of love based on your deepest inner knowing of what the experience could be like for you! How would you express your love? How would you express your intellect and your spirit and your physicality?

So to craft your new vision for 2012 I want to encourage you to utilize multimedia. If you are inspired by art create a vision board. It could be out of any material or medium that you so choose. If you are business oriented person make a PowerPoint of your vision for love of in 2012. If you're a musician or musical play your guitar, drums or sing to add your talent into your vision for love in 2012.

Whatever way you choose to express yourself, really create a vision that you can grow into, that you can become more of yourself by experiencing.

Now one thing in making a vision and another in Creating the Reality of that Vision.

You Create Your Vision by keeping it as a Vigil... coming back to it, listening to it, looking at it, reading it... again and again until it becomes real. And as thing start to manifest into reality you check them off or you circle them or you draw a big smiley face on that part of the vision that is actually occurring! So you can hold your vision accountable! You can measure it!!

Now a vision will not work, even if you put the vision together, the music together or the journal together. It will not work if you keep spending your time focusing on what isn't right or what hasn't happened, what your past experiences have been like that were unfulfilling. If you keep your mind in that place, your emotions in that place this new vision cannot take root. It takes incredible discipline to be vigilant about your vision but I know that it is possible for you!!

And I want to encourage you to really go for it this year. For a New Year in Love create a vision and keep it vigil.

For some help with getting started with your New Vision in Love that will work for singles as well as couples check this out.

Happy New Year and New Love! from

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