Sunday, December 18, 2011

Love Magic

Dear Karinna

I met a man on a dating site that I had instant chemistry with. He texted, emailed and sent me flowers. No man has ever wanted me that bad. I slowly gave in and fell deeply in love. We dated for four months and then had our first disagreement. Then he pretty much broke up with me. I am devastated and I want him back. Should I bother or not?



This is a really, really big life decision, love decision.

There are two schools of thought.

1- Love What Is…really embrace where you are right now. Still love him. Love and acknowledge him. But as he has wanted to move away from you, you let him go. And you just allow what wants to occur. Whether that be new energy coming in for you that is loving, or maybe he will reflect and come back to you.

This is the way of flow. This is the way of ease. It is actually a Light Path.

2- Then there is another school of thought that is Fight for What You Want. Fight for this love. Get back in there and let this man know how much you really want to be in relationship with him. Fight for what you have that you know that it is real. You can get through things. This one obstacle is not the end of your love. It is actually the beginning of how well you can open up and grow and maybe develop each of your skills that would support you in loving even more. You may have to go to therapy but you get in there and you fight for what you want.

This is a Denser Path. Because you don’t know if one fight will end up being multiple fights and you never feel like you get out of the ring. That is a valid path. Each one of them are valid paths.

I want to leave you with this. Magic occurs for us when we follow the energy that brings us life, that brings us vitality, that brings us excitement. That allows us to be more of who we really are. Magic doesn’t occur for us when we do things that drain us, that exhaust us, that demand, over and over, that we do things that are difficult.

I want you to have a Magical Experience in love so I encourage you to follow the energy that will energize, revitalize, make you feel more that who you were in the beginning, make you feel more of yourself, more fully fulfilled.

And don’t follow the energy that drains you, that frustrates you, that exhausts you, and makes you feel less confident, less supported, less loved. You want to leave that behind.

I am not sure what that path is for you but there is a true path for you that will lead you to real relationship magic.

Choose Magic.

Give the ultimate gift of love from the best love school in the world.

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