Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Love Tips: How to Fight Fair

How you argue with your partner determines the success of your relationship.  This article offers love tips to really understand how to fight or end a fight without losing your control.  This is something that you need to learn.  Control is actually a primary requirement for fighting fair.  Regardless of how you feel, you cannot be abusive.

Disagreements will happen.  It happens in any relationship.  You will have different opinions and you will likely argue with your partner.  It is important, therefore, that you know how to fight fair.  Here are some great love tips on how to do just that.

First off, if you would like to fight fair, you need to ask your partner if you could engage in a conversation or discussion.  Just like aristocratic Europeans who invite their opponents to a duel, you should ask your partner or your lover if you could bring up a point of conflict.  You could begin by asking, “Can I bring an observation to your attention that I would like your thoughts about?”  If he or she is open to that discussion, then you can proceed in a calm voice.  If he or she is not open to this discussion, then you can ask them when it might be a better time, but don’t let the tension last before you go to sleep.  You need to resolve any conflict between you and your spouse as soon as you can.  Letting it simmer will eventually take the joy and ease out of your relationship.

These love tips will help you resolve conflicts without fighting dirty.  A fight often starts when two people rub each other the wrong way.  A simple observation could offend the more sensitive couple and this could spark a huge fight.  The difference in the couple’s attitudes, priorities and views can trigger a fight.  When faced with this kind of fight, you have two choices:  you could either fight in order to win or you could choose to engage in a conflict resolution discussion.  The latter choice allows you to find common ground which will help you empower yourselves as individuals and strengthen your relationship.  The first choice aims to dominate; the second choice aims to strengthen a partnership.

Love Tip Steps on Fighting Fair

1.  Begin your sentences with “I feel” when talking to your spouse.  Often, people do not see themselves clearly in a conflict; so it is important that you stay calm and you talk about your feelings instead of enumerating all his or her flaws or faults.  Talking about how you feel makes a lot of difference in a conversation.

2.  Consider how your partner feels too.  There is always room for constructive observation and feedback.  You need to look and consider your partner’s point of view and feelings as well and communicate those observations.  You need to find the balance between honoring your point of view and respecting your partner’s views as well.

Don’t be afraid of conflict. Conflict can be increasingly averted in your intimate relationship by understanding where each person is coming from. Your abilities to fight fair can help strengthen your relationship.

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