Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Relationship Advice and Dating Tips Ask Karinna: Back in the Scene

“I have just recently divorced. The last 7 years of marriage have been terrible. I was living with a very immature control freak. Now I just want to move on and meet someone new. How can I get back in the scene again?” ~ C

I'm really sorry that you had such a terrible experience your last seven years of marriage. What I want to say to you is that number one to get back in the scene again you have to leave the baggage behind. You don't want to walk into the dating scene carrying a heavy weight on your shoulders ... that is your old relationship story ....your old experience being with a control freak. You need to get very, very clear about how that relationship served you. What did you learn from it? How were you inspired to become someone different from it? What did being with someone controlling and being in a terrible relationship teach you? Come out with the gold. Come out with the gifts.

That is the starting point for you for getting back into the dating scene.
So once you have that clarity and you come in fresh with all this new knowledge, al this new insight and all this empowerment then secondly you need a relationship makeover meaning discovering who you are as a lover today. You are different than the lover who entered into that relationship all those years ago.

Discover who she is, who she is emotionally? What does she need? What can she give physically mentally and spiritually?

Cultivate ...get into that great experience of cultivation and nurturing the lover in you. That is going to be very attractive to a new person.

The makeup and the wardrobe come after you have actually made over the lover within yourself. Do both. Enjoy the process. And come fresh, refreshed for love.

Thirdly I suggest trying Sacred Love Dating. You can find someone great to interact with and perhaps to start a relationship with. It is available nationally in the United States as well as UK. So you can choose. It is a great way to get back out there and start to connect but come without the baggage and come as a new lover.


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