Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Unified Heart Field

You may or may not have heard of the unified field.  The unified field is our connection with ourselves and everything else in the world.  But there’s something even more specific than the unified field and that’s the unified heart field – that our heart is actually connected to every other heart in the world and that’s a powerful concept.

There is actually one pulse underneath our seeming world of duality.  What does this have to do with personal love?  In the world of duality love cannot exist without fear.  This plays out in personal relationships-our self in that potential partner – our self in the person we’re committed to-our self and the person we’re married to-our self and the former partner.  And there can be a lot of different dynamics going on between our self and other and that creates all that pain and aches and anxiety and stress that we feel in a personal lovelife. But as we sink deeper into a knowing and understanding a consciousness that our heart is actually one with all hearts, then we start to shift from duality to wholeness, separation to oneness.

And so, what I want to encourage you to do in regards to any personal relationship dynamic that you’re going through right now is to come into the space of wholeness within yourself.  The divine masculine and the divine feminine that true partnership that you are seeking to cultivate in your own personal lovelife actually deepens and cultivates and brews and matures inside of you.  This is truly where sacred love begins inside in that divine cauldron of yourself.  This has to happen before anything external happens in a healthy way is the maturity of the inner couple and this may feel very abstract to heart difficult concept to get but as you meditate on the true masculine for you and the true feminine for you, watching them come together, bringing them together and nurturing that inner relationship, you will start to see the shifts in the external world. 

That is unifying your own heart, your own sense of personal relationship within.  Allow that to come to you rather than seeking, looking, searching.  Basically, taking yourself out of the external dynamics of life and working, doing to connect to that inner sense of occupation and I think it’s a recognition on the society level of what we’re discussing on the personal level. 

It has to be born here it can be born elsewhere and that unity creates ripples and waves into the unified heart.  And we are all underneath it all one heart , which is all abundance, all love, all unity.

I encourage you to check out the inner marriage practice that is inside of our Love Spa that will guide you through the exercise of developing a deeper unity between the masculine and feminine.

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