Saturday, December 20, 2014

Conditioned, Reactive Love vs Sacred Love

Sacred Love is the awareness to enjoy quality, meaningful, healthy, conscious exchange in our interactions with others. Throughout a day we can interact with many people, in intimate and family relationships, friendships, work relationships as well as with those that offer us service. Each interaction with another is an opportunity for conscious connection and sacred loving.

Expressing love to people that we know, and interact with dynamically can require a relatively effortless level of consciousness. While it can be especially challenging and require a greater level of consciousness to send a warm greeting to or engage in a loving way with others we do not particularly like or are disagreeing with.

Generally we show others love in proportion to the love they show to us or the love we want from them. This is considered conditional and reactive love. Conditioned responses and reactions usually are unconscious and hinder our ability to fully experience love. Our conditioned responses originate from our personal experiences. For instance, if we were denied love by a parent, we may crave to have as many people as possible love us. If in a past intimate relationship we have been hurt, we may put up various defenses against receiving love again. If we have been scared by a stranger in the past, it may be difficult to look someone new in the eye, smile and say hello.

Through intention and willingness we can become more aware of our reactions and conditioned responses to love. We can increase our ability to show affection and adoration towards others by resolving our personal wounds and developing acceptance for our self. Taking time to reflect and cultivate our inner self can clarify, balance and liberate a greater experience and expression of love.

The highest task of conscious loving is to always choose love. Sacred Love is a state of fullness, integration and equilibrium that naturally flows forth from our being into our lives. Sacred Love is the ability to resolve conflict lovingly rather than pointing fingers and engaging in battle. Sacred Love is the aspiration of every great philosophy.

Moment to moment we are given a great opportunity to open our hearts wider. As we do, we create healing in our own heart, another's heart, and the world's heart.

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