Monday, October 29, 2012

Are You Ready to Check Out The “Love Around the World” Crowdfunding Blog?

As many of you know I’m currently in my final stages of preparation on my crowdfunding blog, and I’m so excited to share each of these special moments with you along the way!

The “Love Around the World” crowdfunding campaign will go to support the launch of my “Love Around the World” online WebTV series, on my channel, Sacred Love TV, and going on the road to produce the shows next episodes.

During my earlier travels one thing remained constant, intimacy and love were desired and a challenge in each location. We want to open hearts and minds to the incredible power of love and sensuality, in it’s purest form, that is present in the world that we don’t see or hear about. 

With Love Around The World I want to share a new way to help transform the way we think about and experience love. During each step of the journey we’ll discover local love stories, captivating romantic destinations, compelling region-specific love practices and exciting dating insights that my viewers can experiment with from the comfort of their own home.

To learn more about my continued crowdfunding journey, and some of the ups and downs along the way, please tune in to a few of the videos that I’ve currently done. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and views along the way!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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