Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Have You Taken The Kissing Quiz?

Kissing can be lovers' favorite pastime and a wonderful relationship activity no matter whether you are new lovers or have been together for years. When we feel attraction we long to kiss. We kiss to express our passion and the way we kiss says a lot about our emotional and sexual feelings towards our lover.

Take this Kissing Quiz to find out who you are as a Kisser and then share your quiz with your favorite person to kiss!

1-How do you feel about kissing?
a-I love to kiss
b-I love to be kissed
c-I like to kiss
d-I think kissing is okay
e-I don't like to kiss at all

2-When do you feel like kissing?
a-Kissing is great when I'm sexually attracted
b-I like to kiss when I'm in love
c-I like to kiss my lover anytime
d-I like to kiss only in the lead up to or during having sex
e-I just like to kiss strangers

3- How do you kiss?
a-I like to kiss passionately
b-I like to French kiss
c- I like to make out for long periods of time
d- I like to kiss and be kissed all over the body
e-I like to kiss on the mouth
f-I like to kiss on the cheek
g-I don't know how to kiss

Do you like to use your tongue?
a-I love to kiss my lover with my tongue
b-I love to play with my lover's tongue in deep hot kisses
c-I love to practice creative moves with my tongue to awaken my lover's heart and body
d-I only like tongue kissing when my lover has good dental hygiene
e-I do not like tongue kissing, it seems invasive

In what stages of relationship do you love to kiss passionately?
a-When I first meet my lover
b- When I am beginning to date my lover
c-Throughout the full courtship with my lover
d-When we have officially taken the next stage of couple-hood
Marriage and/or Living Together
e-At every stage of relationship

Score yourself as a kisser and where you might improve your kissing techniques.

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