Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tall Order Challenge! How To Craft The Right Message For Your Crowdfunding Campaign.

Thank you for tuning into this new chapter of my crowdfunding journey, creating the right message! I’m looking forward to share what I’ve learned about the importance of creating and communicating the right message to build solid support for a crowdfunding project.

This week is a very tall order indeed. Making sure that I’m creating the inspiring message for the  Love Around the World crowdfunding campaign.

Here’s the list that I’m in the middle of this week:

  • Crafting the copy for the campaign. I want to make sure the copy delivers the powerful and loving message of the Love Around the World webseries and touches potential contributor’s hearts when they read it.

  • Creating and editing a video. This allows me to personally connect with campaign visitors sharing my passion and the real reasons and needs for the Love Around the World campaign. I also get to introduce a teaser of the project. Very exciting. The goal is to be real, sincere, not too long-winded, effectively heard and to inspire action.

  • Crafting the letters to go out to my contacts. These letters are to be sent to all the people that I would like to have support the campaign either as a backer or ambassador or both. What I realize is it is important not to craft old form emails but instead be fresh, honest, and compelling so that friends, family, colleagues, supporters, and fans want to open, read and then contribute.

  • And most importantly… creating great rewards. As we know rewards are the prizes that engage the audience's interest and necessary participation. The rewards incite visitors to support the campaign and get on social media, email, skype, phone and tell others about it. I want to make sure that each of my audience members know how important their interest and heart is to me, and that I’m there for them, as much as their here for me and my Love Around the World journey!

Are you ready to start creating your powerful message for you’re crowdfunding adventure? Make sure to watch my video here to listen to my journey on this part of my campaign!

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