Thursday, October 04, 2012

Dating Tips: Are You Moving Out Too Fast?

Are you being too hard on singles you’re dating? Have you gone out with different people and discover yourself moving out right away the minute you see something you’re not really happy with? Are you reading the signs and then moving out fast too early? Are you so afraid of wasting your time on the wrong person that you find yourself failing to give anyone the chance to get close to you?

Imagine being out on a date with a guy who used a coupon on your first date just to buy popcorn and calculated his expenses for the entire evening even before the movie starts. Would that be a deal maker or a deal breaker? Would you consider dating the same person again?

The signs are glaringly obvious right from the very beginning. When you see signs that indicate characteristics like this they will likely end up there in the long run. If the man you’re dating is using coupons for popcorn in your first date, you will have a specific reaction—positive or negative. Your reaction is valid. This is a characteristic that you may decide you are attracted to or not. Is it a characteristic of being conscious of budgeting and money (all good) to be generous to you?

There is one characteristic that you should always look for and that characteristic is generosity. It is not just generosity that comes out of the wallet, but emotional, mental, physical and spiritual generosity. An emotionally generous person is someone who is compassionate, kind, sensitive and thoughtful towards you and others. If you are attracting singles who are selfish, you should consider taking a good look at yourself. You might want to ask yourself why you are attracting these kinds of singles in the first place.

You should consider turning to your heart and asking yourself, “Am I really open to love?” It is worth asking yourself if you are guarding yourself, keeping people at arm’s length until you find someone who is worth opening yourself up to. It does not work that way. The ability to attract someone who is generous and open to love is directly proportional to your own generosity and openness as well.
Do you know that you can physically check whether your heart is open or not? Here is a quick exercise to help you out. Tune into your heart and feel it. Is it light? Does it feel open, or does it feel heavy and closed? Check your shoulders. Do they roll back or do they look forward? You should keep them back, so that love and lightness will flow through your heart. This is an exercise that will help you attract people who are also open to love and generosity and hopefully conscious and good with money too!!

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