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14 Ways to Add Spice to Your Marriage

In a research it was found that maximum love life of a couple is only 30 months. After this period marriage life becomes a routine and a habit. Thrill and romance vanish out of it. And to rekindle the old feelings certain steps must be taken. In brief if you want to keep your marriage life sexy and spicy you need to act upon the following tips.
1. Saying I Love You should never be boring
As the time passes both husband and wife get busy with the demands of their life and start forgetting how they tried to woo and impress each other in the beginning period of their courtship. They also forget to say ‘I love you’ to each other. These three words are a wonderful way to keep the old feelings alive to some extent.
2. Repeated Kiss Attack
It means kissing your partner when it is least expected. Kiss vigorously even if your partner becomes angry. Don’t be too nice every time otherwise spice will be out of your life. Sudden kisses excite the feelings and enthuse the mind. Just try. It will become excellent tonic for your love life.
3. Renewing your Romance
Take a pledge that you will never allow the romance of your life die. Be romantic with your beloved one till the last breath of life. Old-fashioned romance still has value. Bring flowers, buy a gift, go out for dinner, go for a romantic ride, watch a movie, cook together – there are dozens of ways which can keep your heart mesmerizing.
4. Eating Together
Never eat alone unless your profession compels you. Try your best to adjust your timings in such a way that you are able to eat with each other more often. It helps to keep the bond strong. Now and then also plan to eat outside, in a restaurant or hotel.
5. Fun of Picnics
Going out for fun definitely adds spice to your love life. Picnic is one of the best ways to throw away your daily worries and relax. It also peps up the sex hunger and brings you closer physically as well as mentally.
6. Be Friends of each other
Don’t always treat each other like husband and wife. It becomes a boring routine. Sometimes it is necessary to sit and discuss like friends. Share views on various topics and have healthy debates. Life then certainly becomes more enjoyable.
7. Be somewhat mysterious
In spite of being good friends a touch of mystery in the relations adds thrill to it. Never talk like children – always speaking whatever is there in your heart. Now and then keep silence, talk less and study books or watch TV alone. It will improve the quality of your relations.
8. Cooperation at Home
If you think that by making your partner work like a machine at home won’t kill sex and spice between relationships then you are mistaken. You need to be cooperative at home. Cook, clean and wash with your partner. When you share the household work-load you bring new joys in the relationship. It enhances your image in the mind of your partner. You become more attractive.
9. Sharing Responsibilities
Other responsibilities of life like earning, taking care of children, social commitments etc. should also be shared whole-heartedly. With this way both of you not only be free from resentments but also respect each other more.
10. Give some breathing space
If you are each other’s neck always it may prove dangerous. Giving breathing space to each other is absolutely essential to maintain the tempo of romance and sexual thrill. Allow each other to meet friends, attend meetings, pursue individual hobbies. Never try to be dictator and kill your own relationship.
11. Assertiveness is a virtue
A good relationship never means that you should agree to each other’s point always. Be assertive and express your feelings. Do say what is your point of view in a certain matter. With this habit, instead of marring, you develop your relationship further.
12. Quarreling adds spice
Yes, quarreling now and then is certainly healthy to invoke the thrilling romance. While being assertive you may get angry with each other. It is ok. Don’t talk or come near each other for some time, even for a day or two. But don’t let this situation take a serious turn. After a bout of tiff it is time to woo or kiss your partner. The end of the quarrel will certainly be thrilling and fulfilling.
13. Visiting different places
Traveling always renews your life and relationships. Like enthusiastic children you share the fun of visiting new places. It has been found that traveling together often makes a couple sexually exciting. And they may have the bliss of physical intimacy at different places and in different way.
14. Give Variety to Physical Relations
Having physical relations at the same place and in the same way reduces the spice. After a certain period you even start losing your libido. Your partner also seems no more interested. The solution is to do it in a different way, position and at a different place. It may be in the bedroom, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, on the roof under the light of stars, even in the balcony of your house or in the park. But be careful you are not seen either by your neighbor or your children.
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