Tuesday, May 05, 2015

What Makes a Relationship Work?

"I have been in several failed relationships with women and I would like to know from your opinion what makes a relationship work."

In Sacred Love we have a philosophy that has four key principles for having a great relationship. And that is sharing emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually in love.

Often, people have a relationship where they are compatible in one or two areas. Maybe they have great physical chemistry or maybe they are great mental partners but they have trouble emotionally or they are not compatible spiritually. And so, what I want you to think about is choosing a partner where can share in an equal capacity or almost similar capacity, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

So, how do you get started in these areas? You get started by developing those areas of yourself.

Physically, develop your capacity as a lover. Enhance your skill set. Breathe. Explore exercises. Take yourself to the next level of understanding of what it takes to be a great lover physically.

Emotionally, develop your capacity to listen and to share your emotions in a healthy way. Focus on wonderful expressions of affection, holding hands, kissing, telling a person that you love them, telling a person what they mean to you. Taking the emphasis off yourself and being self-oriented to being someone that is a partner for another person without leaving yourself out of the equation.

Mentally, get out there and learn a new subject. Develop your capacity mentally. Stretch yourself. Challenge yourself. And be okay with doing something badly until you can do something well.

And spiritually, focus on developing your spirit and that could be with a practice, a spiritual practice like meditation, traditional religious practice with whatever provokes a sense of meaning, it maybe nature. But develop your understanding of yourself and yourself in the universe. And you will attract people that are a right match for you in those areas the more you focus on it.

For support in these areas, check out the LoveSpa Membership. It includes over 50 audio and video selections to enhance your understanding, your ability, your skills for love and intimacy and also the Intimate Wisdom book can also support you in sharing emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually with another human being.

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