Sunday, May 03, 2015

Healing Relationship Trauma

'How do I begin to heal from relationship trauma?'

What I'm about to say to you may seem contradictory but I am going to detail the simplest easiest way to healing yourself from relationship trauma. And that is through the body.

Our bodies hold our memories, hold our dramas, hold our emotions and if we can process them in a healthy way it will reflect into our heart, our mind and our life very quickly.

The number one way to begin this process of healing is by cleansing. Often when we've experience relationship heartbreak or sexual trauma we start to pack on pounds. We start to feed our bodies. We start to put up protection and a lot of times this is through bad eating habits or toxic substances. And we don't even realize what we're doing.

And we have to do the opposite to begin the healing process. That is cleansing yourself by eating alkaline foods, lots of healthy green vegetables. No starches. Research alkalining your water creating more pH in your water. And one of the keys is to drink liquids that are not ice cold. So, chilled is fine or room temp is fine. The Europeans have understood this a lot longer than Americans. Your body receives nutrients and liquids in a better way when it's not ice cold and eating lean proteins. This is going to help cleanse your body, of the toxins, of the layers that you've put on it to protect yourself. You're going to get in touch with those underlying emotions that had been painful and that need to heal for you to have a different experience in your relationship life.

Number two is get body work. I suggest getting a massage ideally every week but start getting massages deep massage work to help process your body's cleansing and heal very deep emotions that lay underneath. If a massage or treating for massage is out of the question I encourage you to get in the bath and just massage yourself. Massage your hands. Massage your feet. Massage your legs. Massage your abdomen.

And thirdly, add to these the Fit for Love workout program. This is a program that I created based on healing and opening up to more love and intimacy in your life. It's a meditative movement practice. It's very powerful. Results come very quickly. The movements are focused on opening your heart and opening your body to love.

In addition, add talking to a counsellor or coach or trusted adviser to support you in the process of fully healing your relationship trauma.

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