Thursday, October 30, 2014

Is Your Love Life Boring?

I love my partner but I am bored. Bored with our conversations. Bored on dates. Bored in the bedroom. How do I get through this in my relationship? 

I want to start this answer with a question to you. Do you, yourself feel boring?

I ask that because our experiences are based on what we are feeling inside. So I'm wondering if you've given yourself enough time to develop create a explore different ideas or fun activities.
Often when we are on a course of success in our career or raising children, we don't have a lot of time for ourselves. That can give us less and less time to do the things we are passionate about.

So my recommendation to you is, to get out and explore what you are passionate about. Have some fun, develop your interests and then pick dates that will support those those passions.

Have conversations with your partner about each of your passions. That's going to add to your relationship dynamic.

I also say this is going to translate for you into the bedroom. For instance, if you take up a physical activity such as rock climbing, swimming or skiing. That physical endurance is going to translate into the bedroom for you to explore. Try new positions, be friskier or be sexier. So the key here is to develop your own passion and that passion is going to eradicate the boredom.

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