Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Relationship Advice: How to Bring Back the Excitement

Our relationship was so exciting, so connected, so sexy when we first got together.  How can I bring back the excitement?

What excites most new couples is their immediate closeness, their connectedness, their chemistry, their truths around them they tell each other.

A couple just can’t believe their good fortune that they found someone that they can actually be themselves with.  This is real intimacy.  But what happens over time when the relationship becomes more solid and more real, there is a fear of actually being vulnerable.  One or both partners put up an invisible wall that the other partner cannot access.  And this is a wall that is an intimacy barrier.

The good news is that the intimacy barrier is a road block that can be removed. 
The first one you can remove it is by bringing awareness to it.  Saying aha!  This is intimacy barrier that I just have put up. 

Second is saying to yourself, I will risk being vulnerable.  I want to be more intimate.  I want to dissolve that road block of intimacy threshold that I put up.  And I’ll risk being vulnerable and being myself whatever it takes.

Thirdly, take time to explore these deeper waters with your partner.  Exploring them emotionally and exploring them physically will allow you to access that greater than love connectivity and intimacy that you started out with and I highly recommend that you take the time to dissect.

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