Thursday, March 13, 2014

Creating the Love You Want Now

To have the love you want right now in your life, stop waiting for the right loved one to come to you and become active with your focus on love. Focus on your best, most positive beliefs about love and to look for signs that reinforce those beliefs.

I offered these examples of activities that will help you create the love you want: Acknowledge couples you know or know of who are creating great relationships, tear photos out of magazines that inspire you to great love, read, listen and write poetry or music about great love, and become aware of how people in your life are expressing love to you every single day.

This process I call, "Opening our mind to the love we truly want." We are always creating a reality for ourselves based on our thoughts and beliefs. This is quantum physics, that we are creating a field of experience based on the energy we are sending out. In large part this is through our mind's projections. When love is not adding up to as great as we want it to be, then more of our focus is on the negative belief system and can bring us great discouragement. 

The more positive our thoughts, the more positive the field of experiences that we are creating. As we increase our positive thoughts and beliefs, we begin to see more love show up in our lives. We enjoy more loving people coming into our field, more potential partners, more receptivity in our intimate relationships and more loving actions towards us.

Focusing our attention on the reinforcements of love that begin presenting themselves in our lives is an act of gratitude. Acknowledging love is an act of honoring how love is taking shape in our lives, and that simple act of thankfulness creates more of the love that we truly want.

Creating Perfect Love Challenge:
Throughout your week, I suggest that you write a list of the love that is presenting itself daily in your life. Name from the smallest to the largest: a beautiful day, a hug, a compliment of something done well, a friends call, a great date, or a deeper, passionate connection with your partner. Let this Creating Perfect Love challenge bring forth your bounty of love.

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