Friday, March 07, 2014

20 Ways to Enjoy a Day of Love

Romantic gifts traditionally include roses, candy, dinner and maybe great dancing. 

While all wonderful, we would like to also add 20 different spices to infuse your romance, any day, with the unforgettable.

Here are some suggestions for couples to spend a day together full of fun, love, play and intimacy. 

One, arise at 5:30 am and make love as the sun comes up.

Two, express "I love you" to your partner in 36 different ways throughout the day.

Three, sing a Love Song to your Lover.

Four, learn a new skill together 

Five, take a bubble bath by candlelight together

Six, practice Breath of Pleasure found in the
How to Have the Best Sex Ever Ebook together before and during a great make out session

Seven, create a sacred love temple in one room and enjoy love play and ceremony all afternoon

Eight, wrap yourself in blankets and head out to nature. Toast the love in your life with your favorite bubbly.

Nine, dance the night away at a place you never go.

Here are some suggestions for singles to spend a day full of fun, adventure and connectivity with someone new.

One, wake up and hike to the top of the mountain at sunrise and experience the love of nature and the universe

Two, Call everyone you love and wish them a loving day.

Three, Express I love you to yourself in 36 different ways throughout the day.

Four, Enhance your know how as a lover with
1000 Years of Sexual Wisdom Ebook. 

Five, Meet a friend and enjoy embodying goddesses or gods of love all day.

Six, Take yourself to a wonderful lunch where you can people watch.

Seven, Enjoy an intimate moment: massage the breasts, ovaries or testicles to nourish your sexual health.

Eight, write or copy a great love poem. place the poem in the right far corner of your room from the door, to Feng Shui more love into your life.

Nine, Play the Sacred Love CD by Sting and dance and sing to it

Ten, Socialize with other interesting singles at a singles event or meet a new potential love interest out for drinks.

Eleven, dance the night away a cool singles hangout with a friend.

Whatever stage you are at in your love life, whether single or in relationship, remember everyday you can gift your life with your own love lifestyle and make a fantastic day filled with love.

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