Friday, September 21, 2012

Part II Of My Crowdfunding Adventure: Choosing A Crowdfunding Site

Hi Everyone! I want to thank each of you again for tuning in to the second part of this remarkable journey! As you know I am traveling around the US and Internationally to discover and share some of the most sacred love, romance and date tips from individuals and cultures for my new TV show “Love Around The World.”

It truly means the world to me for all the questions and participation from each and every one of you, and I know you’ve been waiting for the next piece, so here it is! 

During this entry I reveal which crowdfunding platform I’ve decided on for my campaign, and I can tell you this has been one of my hardest decisions yet!

There are so many wonderful sites to choose from, and after a ton of research, and reading each of the sites rules, which is so very important, I knew which one would be best for “Love Around The World.”

How did I come to this decision? Well, again a lot of research, but I also made sure that I had a few very important questions for the different teams on these crowdfunding sites that would be working with me on my journey. At the end of the day I really needed to make sure I choose the best team for “Love Around The World.”

Asking these kinds of questions truly helped me to make my final decision:

  • How much will they support your campaign?
  • Will they send out announcements?
  • Will they help with suggestions or edits to your text, rewards and video for your campaign?
  • Can you ask questions along the way?
  • Will they send out press releases?

Are you ready to learn which site I choose for our journey? If so please check out my video here:

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