Thursday, January 29, 2009

Role Model Couples

A couple of weeks back I told you that in Jan. I would begin blogging on some of the most controversial and provocative intimate ideas out there in 2009 and I am ready to start. What I feel is the most provocative intimate idea worthy of addressing is our often dominant cynicism about having successful relationships.

We don't tend to see many relationships that look and feel sucessful to us so it is natural to believe that there are only a handful out there or the ones we do see we believe those guys are "the lucky ones." Well, I want to challenge you to break through these kinds of thought forms and "out for you" many and many more wonderful relationships that will make you believe in the real possibility of love that can happen for you. What I am most inspired to share with you to begin 2009 are role model couples that will inspire and challenge us to have richer experiences in our relationships. Each week I will be scouting the world to feature couples who are passionate about life and each other, who are great partners, and who may also be community, national or global role models too. In addition, I will also be posting some couples that are worth questioning whether they are role models for us or not.

Please feel free to post your comments and photos in my blog of your favorite role model couples (it can even be you and your loved one) so that we can see lots of images and hear many stories of successful relationships that will help us envision better, more loving, more fun, more inspiring relationships today.

Here is the 2nd one --read last weeks blog for the 1st-Hail to the New Chief and First Lady in Love!

Couple A Farm Show Fixture

Couple A Farm Show Fixture
Arlene & George Dodge
Local News
Barre, Vermont - January 28, 2009
The Farm Show is a 75-year-old Central Vermont tradition, but one pair makes the show look like the new kid in town.
Arlene Dodge beams, "We have a lot to be thankful for."
George and Arlene Dodge are each 90 years old, and travel to the Farm Show each year from their home in South Royalton to man a booth promoting the famous World's Fair in Tunbridge. George was a dairy farmer and used to show cattle there. He says, "I don't know that I ever missed a fair."
They raised four kids and are now great-great grandparents. The Dodges credit their kids and grandkids for helping them stay in their home and helping drive them around, especially when the weather is bad.
The couple will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary this year and have some simple advice for young couples. Arlene Dodge says, "Just learn to communicate."
When asked if he's still very much in love, George Dodge says, "I'd say yes." His wife Arlene Dodge pipes up, "I wanted to hear that answer!" She adds, "I think we're as much in love as ever."
The Dodges are active in their church and say friends and family keep them feeling young. They have a good sense of humor, even using walking aids with signs that herald the arrival of "Gorgeous George and Adorable Arlene." They are both those adjectives and more, and are already looking forward to warmer weather and another Tunbridge World's Fair.
When asked if she'll be at the fair in September, Arlene Dodge chirps, "I hope so!"
They'll be there, as always, together.
Jack Thurston - WCAX News

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