Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Kissing Quiz

Kissing can be two lovers favorite pass time and a wonderful Valentine's activity.
When we feel attraction we long to kiss. We kiss to express our passion and the way
we kiss says a lot about our emotional and sexual feelings towards our lover.

Take this Kissing Quiz to find out who you are as a Kisser!

1) How do you feel about kissing?
a- I love to kiss
b- I love to be kissed
c- I like to kiss
d- I think kissing is okay
e- I don't like to kiss at all

2) When do you feel like kissing?
a- Kissing is great when I'm sexually attracted
b- I like to kiss when I'm in love
c- I like to kiss my lover anytime
d- I like to kiss only in the lead up to or during having sex
e- I just like to kiss strangers

3) How do you kiss?
a- I like to kiss passionately
b- I like to French kiss
c- I like to make out for long periods of time
d- I like to kiss and be kissed all over the body
e- I like to kiss on the mouth
f- I like to kiss on the cheek
g- I don't know how to kiss

4) Do you like to use your tongue?
a- I love to kiss my lover with my tongue
b- I love to play with my lover's tongue in deep hot kisses
c- I love to practice creative moves with my tongue to awaken my lover's heart and body
d- I only like tongue kissing when my lover has good oral hygiene
e- I do not like tongue kissing, it seems invasive

5) In what stages of relationship do you love to kiss passionately?
a- When I first meet my lover
b- When I am beginning to date my lover
c- Throughout the full courtship with my lover
d- When we have officially taken the next stage of couple-hood (Marriage and/or Living Together)
e- At every stage of relationship

We leave how to score this quiz up to you! You can discuss the results with your
lover on Valentine's day and work on your techniques-

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