Thursday, February 23, 2006

Ask Karinna: Tantra vs. Tao

This month's question is sent in by Daryl from Los Angeles. He wants to learn about the
differences between ancient orgasmic practices based on Tantric teachings he had read
about. Since many people confuse Tantra with the Tao, Karinna wanted to answer his
question for anyone who may be wondering the same thing.

Daryl: I just read a book about red hot Tantra. The author talks about how one's true
sex transcendence is in the orgasm with ejaculation, and that white Tantra is a
manipulation of sexual energy (non-ejaculation). I am confused by this and want to
know that from your stand point, are we to orgasm without ejaculation-- which is
supposed to be unnatural and "ego-centered--" or are we to ejaculate with orgasm, which
is supposed to be the original goddess teachings; or is there a balance? Please help me
figure this out. Thank you.

Karinna: I teach Taoists sacred sexual practices which can lead to a man's ability to
enjoy orgasm without needing to ejaculate. One of the several techniques that can help a
man achieve this is called "The Breath of Pleasure." This practice is for women and men
and is very helpful for strengthening men's and women's sexual arousal, pleasure and
endurance. My approach is that a man can utilize this practice to orgasm without
ejaculation to create a very ecstatic and sacred sexual experience for both lovers. At
other times, I generally recommend less of the time to enjoy orgasm utilizing the Taoists
techniques for separating orgasm from ejaculation and then afterwards ejaculate to clear
and release the body. (Note: This technique should not be utilized if a bladder infection
is present.)

These techniques are ancient Chinese Taoist teachings that's main focus is to improve
health, well-being and sexual and relationship fulfillment and are not Tantra based,
which originated in India. When deciding between using the two teachings you always
have to trust your own intuitive judgment and what is right for you. But realize that any
sexual technique that you learn can be utilized to empower you in love and intimacy or
disconnect you from love and intimacy. It is always your choice.

If you are interested in learning the Taoist techniques mentioned above, you can
do so by purchasing "The Breath of Pleasure" CD at

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