Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Just in time for Spring- Ask Karinna Launches Relationship Phone Counseling

Here's what people who have received her counseling have said:
"Sacred Love is the most integrated body of work that I have come across in the last twenty-two years."
-- Grant Ramey, Psychologist

"You are an amazing teacher and life coach. It's as if you hold our hands and lead us joyously smiling back to our radiant aliveness."
-- Franklin Londin, Animator

"Karinna, you helped me tremendously to let go of past hurt and fear and to open myself (up) to love and to new relationship experiences."
-- Veronica Ruiz, Global Sourcing

"Thank you for helping us re-kindle the spark that brought us together ten years ago."
-- Patty Haft and Gore Anderson, Entrepreneurs

"This year I found my true love after a long search- I know I have finally found the person I wish to explore your teachings with. So here is to you Karinna, I love your intent, and whatever you do, you permanently leave an everlasting effect on individuals like myself who highly appreciate what you do."
-- Tristan V and Andrea, Graphic Artists

What Benefits You Can Receive From A Session With Karinna:

* The Ability To Identify Your Right Partner
* How To Create A Sacred, Loving Relationship
* Better Intimate Communication With Your Lover
* Ignite Passion, Magic, And Desire Again And Again
* Ancient Love-Making Rituals and Techniques To Spice Up Your Love Life
* Tools To Improve Your Overall Well-Being
* Heal Heartache And Trauma
* Overcome Premature Ejaculation And Strengthen Stamina
* Release Negative Beliefs And Emotions About Intimacy

The Cost:

* First 5 minutes of the first call is FREE, $1.50 per minute after that

(This cost is the same for both individuals and couples.)

Everyone is different, but Karinna generally recommends planning on having 3 to 5, 30 - 90 minute sessions to get the ultimate results you want.

How Can You Book A Session?

* Fill out the FREE Sacred Love Questionnaire to let Karinna know how she can best help you
* E-mail the questionnaire back to us and we will contact you to set up your private phone counseling session (Sessions are taken Monday through Thursday, 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM, PCT.)

Note: Please have your credit card available, for we will take down your credit card information at the time of setting your appointment. Your card will not be charged until after the session. If you prefer to mail us a check ahead of time, that can also be arranged. (Checks need to be mailed 3 days prior to your scheduled appointment.)

In Person Private Sessions

Karinna is also available for in person, private sessions in the Los Angeles area for both individuals and couples at a rate of $150.00 per hour. Please call (310) 849-7238 to set up an appointment time.

5 Session In Person Private Series

Karinna offers an innovative, eastern and western approach to relationship counseling in the Los Angeles area. She recommends 5 private sessions for both individuals and couples to achieve the relationship results they want. Each session runs two hours and can be arranged consecutively in a five-day period for people flying in from out of town, or spread out over five weeks for people living in the Los Angeles area. The 5 sessions would include: Discovering what you need for a fulfilling love relationship, How to both be and identify a Sacred Lover, How to open your mind, heart, body and spirit to share the greatest love, Ancient love-making rituals and skills, and Ingredients for sustaining a passionate, long-lasting relationship. The cost is $1,500.00. Call (310) 849-7238 to book a 5 session series.

Note: Karinna will still answer one question each month by e-mail for FREE as long as we can publish the answer in our Ask Karinna column. Please continue to send your questions and inquires about love and relationships to Ask Karinna at

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