Thursday, November 17, 2005

Sacred Love Launches Advice Videos

Healthy Sexuality

Do you desire the knowledge and skills necessary to identify an appropriate sexual partner? Would you like to discover the art of honest communication before and during an enlightened and satisfying sexual relationship? Do you want to learn how to move through your intimacy thresholds to enjoy a healthy, fulfilling, longer lasting sexual relationship? This Audio CD is a must have and is a stimulating and informative discussion led by Internationally Recognized Educator, Karinna Kittles. For more information or to purchase a copy of this unique opportunity to obtain an insightful and enlightened look at this rarely addressed subject please visit

Opening the Heart to Intimacy CD

Karinna Kittles gracefully guides you through a sacred sound meditation on audio CD to open your heart to more fulfilling intimacy. Learn ancient secrets to transform held emotions around sexuality and intimacy revealing greater sexual desire, vitality and love. Opening the Heart to Intimacy CD is the 2nd instructional CD in the Lover Within series.

Lover Within CD Series

Explore erotic intimacy enhancing techniques that can be practiced on your own as well as with your partner. This innovative Lover Within Instructional 3 CD Series develops the Lover in You to enjoy greater openness to intimacy, personal pleasure and fulfillment with the one you love. This audio CD series includes Sacred Love Qigong CD, Opening the Heart to Intimacy CD and Breath of Pleasure CD. Each are insightfully guided by Art of Love Educator, Karinna Kittles. Find out more about the Art of Love at Sacred Love.

Honor Your Inner Beauty CD

Karinna Kittles guides you through simple, powerful techniques to communicate with and energize your internal organs and glands. Love your Body and increase the health, wellness and radiant vitality of the Lover Within you with the Honor Your Inner Beauty audio practice CD. Contents include an illustration to identify the glands and organs, a vital organ massage, and a guided body meditation. Beautifully composed original music also accompanies the guided techniques.

Exploring the Relationship Between Sex & Power DVD

Journey towards greater sexual empowerment with this provocative discussion on DVD with Sacred Love's Exploring the Relationship Between Sex and Power DVD. Led by Art of Love Educator, Karinna Kittles, this conversation explores the reasons why we are so captivated by sexuality. Learn the nature of the sexual ego and the steps to claim more wholeness and ecstasy with your sexual experience.

Sexual Kung Fu DVD

Join Karinna Kittles, as she discusses the three principle phases of Sexual Kung Fu and guides you through several sensual Kung Fu movements and preparatory lovemaking techniques to Make Love a Sacred Art in this Presentation of the Worlds Oldest Sexology Practices. Discover the mystical and historical origins of the oldest sexology practices, originating from China in the Sexual Kung Fu DVD.


Do you desire to be a more skillful lover? Would you like to experience ecstatic sex and enjoy greater intimacy? Fit for Love, a new e-book, from Karinna Kittles of Sacred Love, Inc., features Chinese Intimacy Exercises to enhance your love life. Inspired by Tai Chi, Yoga and Kung Fu, the easy-to-follow instructions and complimentary color photographs explain each movement and its benefits to your love life. With Fit for Love, not only will you get in shape, you'll experience great sex! Get Fit For Love, the ebook, NOW!

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