Thursday, May 19, 2005

Ego Based Sex

When we aren’t fully connecting heart and soul with our sexuality we fall
into the trappings of sexual ego. Sex then becomes drug like, and addictive.
Sexual prowess can make a person feel a huge ego boost every time they
interact sexually. The more partners the sexual prowess personality has sex
with the greater the ego boost. For some, finding that others desire them
sexually even if they don’t interact with them can bring a deep feeling of
confidence and control.

Like other forms of external power such as money, position, and love, sexual
interaction can make us feel super human, and physically and mentally high.
When sex is expressed as an ego based power, sex can be abused.

From religious repression, to war to the casting couch, sex has been misused
as a tool to have power over, as well as control and manipulate others. It
has been used as a bargaining tool to move up the ladder or keep a career
position. Sex has been exchanged for survival, financial security, and
emotional satisfaction. A true misuse of sexual power has been to sexually
abuse children as well as not properly sexually educating them resulting in
unwanted pregnancies, and sexually transmitted diseases.

There is a great price to pay for ego based sexuality. Someone who abuses
their sexual power hurts themselves and others. Because there might not seem
to be an immediate effect from abusing sexual power one may not relate the
consequences to the act. However mismanagement of sex can destroy a person
like drugs. A chronic need for a momentary sexual ego boost and physical
gratification can end up literally sucking the life force out of an individual.
Disempowerment, lower self esteem and a feeling of impotence can result.
Explore the relationship between power and sex.  Led by Art of Love Educator, 
Karinna Kittles, you will journey towards greater sexual empowerment with this
provocative discussion on her
Exploring the Relationship Between Sex and Power CD.
This conversation explores the reasons why we are so captivated by sexuality. Learn the
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