Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Sex and Power

We have all felt the hypnotic power of sexual energy drawing us toward
someone that we find attractive, charming, loving or interesting. We have
felt the feelings of joyous pleasure of sexually bonding with someone that
can last long after it takes place; for hours or even days. We may have even
experienced the ecstasy of limitless spiritual bliss through passionate
sexual intimacy.

Our deeper unconscious desire behind sex is that we crave our soul. Some
part of us realizes that sexual intimacy is a divine act that can bring us
in touch with the deepest parts of our being as well as connect us to the
source of life itself. This is an experience of the power of sex.

Led by Art of Love Educator, Karinna Kittles, you will journey towards greater sexual empowerment with this provocative discussion on her Exploring the Relationship Between Sex and Power CD. This conversation explores the reasons why we are so captivated by sexuality. Learn the nature of the sexual ego and the steps to claim more wholeness and ecstasy with your sexual experience. Also available on DVD. Find out more about the Art of Sacred Love.

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