Monday, April 04, 2005

Nurturing the Lover Within

Nurturing the lover within you enhances your personal comprehension of love. Your level of comprehension will increase your skill of discernment. The more developed the lover is in you, the greater your ability to identify and attract your great lover into your life.

Your willingness to take the journey of self -discovery and new relationship choices will lead you to the treasure of great partnership, An overall feeling of ease, joy, and fluidity, even when obstacles arise, can signal that you and your lover are in alignment and building a healthy foundation for a rich, passionate, loving, and great relationship.

Visit for more information or consider purchasing The Lover Within 3 CD Set. Explore erotic intimacy enhancing techniques that can be practiced on your own as well as with your partner. This innovative Lover Within Instructional Series develops the Lover in You to enjoy greater openness to intimacy, personal pleasure and fulfillment with the one you love.

The Lover Within 3 CD Audio Series includes Sacred Love Qigong, Opening the Heart to Intimacy and Breath of Pleasure. Each are insightfully guided by Art of Love Educator, Karinna Kittles.

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