Monday, March 28, 2005

Learning to Let Down our Barriers to Intimacy

Learning to let down our barriers to intimacy and open ourselves up to the positive and rewarding possibilities that we can share with a loved one actually helps us create a safer space to experience the ecstasy of love and intimacy.

For instance, we can learn to open our minds to new ideas by exploring self-growth articles, books, counseling and instruction that are supportive of nurturing, satisfying love and intimacy. We can learn to open our hearts to intimacy by letting go of old negative emotions from past experiences such as anger and sadness and increase positive emotions such as self-acceptance, passion, and courage. We can also learn to open up our bodies with conscious movement such as qigong and yoga, clearing our physical energy of any resistance to intimacy.

Opening up in intimacy can be initially uncomfortable and difficult as we begin to encounter what has been held behind our protective walls towards intimacy. However as we allow ourselves to open up to intimacy, we naturally receive greater clarity and skills to create healthier, more loving, fulfilling relationships.

When our fears around intimacy sneak up on us and show their scary faces, our new openness to intimacy can give us the ability to handle them better. If we feel our fear coming up in intimacy and we feel ourselves tightening up, we can make a conscious intention to relax and breath through them, beginning to let go of our fears towards intimacy.

We may not be perfect in dealing with our fear, but each time we can make the effort to handle it better. As our fear has less resistance to cling onto, we gain the freedom to embrace the experience of love more fully.

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