Monday, September 08, 2014

4 Sure Ways to Overcome the Ageism

When your love life faces the age old quandary of ageism it is important to look it right in the eye and stare it down. Some people's love life can seem like a major obstacle when that reaches a certain age; whatever that is for you some 30 others 60. You may feel that you are either attracting very young people, 20-something, who just want to have sex with you; or actually want to date but you feel too old for them, and can't; or meet singles that don't want to be with someone anywhere near their own age and certainly not older than them. You may feel incredibly stuck in an ageist time warp.

You are not alone in feeling challenged by attracting a partner who feels age appropriate for you. In fact, there are many wonderful, beautiful, smart singles in their 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, and beyond who are frustrated on the dating scene with men over 50 wanting to find someone younger.

Well there will always be individuals out there who feel that a younger partner is fitting for them for any number of reasons, such as:
1) They share the same emotional maturity level (remember, some people
mature slower and others faster)
2) They want to feel younger (a lot of people have a difficult time feeling that on their own)
3) They want to feel needed (an older partner can generally offer a broader life experience perspective)
4) Some people want to be taken care of (this goes for both the older male and the younger female)

While all these scenarios can be true it doesn't have to be a double standard or that way for you.

First of all, Love What Is Appearing in Your Life.

Second, Take advantage of the dating invitations that are coming your way from those younger than you and explore your common interests and compatibility. You may even develop a new perspective on love and partnering. Bless those that are seeing the True Beauty in you! I am finding that this generation seems to be very open minded, open hearted, and certainly have strong libidos.

Third, Also go out to events that people your own age enjoy where you will have the opportunity to mingle and meet. This could be networking events in your industry or singles events for people just in the age range you are looking for.

Fourth, Have parties with some of your coupled friends and ask them beforehand to invite their great single friends for you to meet. Community events, such as a political event or community support group, are also great meeting places. I am sure you also have others that you can add to this list too!

The key is to keep your attitude positive, stay healthy and get out of the house and start meeting a lot of new and interesting people. Then your partner, who is the right age, can find you!

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