Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Dessert for Sacred Lovers

Preparing and eating great food with the one you are crazy about is one of the great joys of partnership. Ambrosia, known as the food of the gods, is a pleasing and satisfying experience for the taste buds that is intended to awaken a lover's appetite.

This recipe is a modern ambrosia and one of my favorite sensuous and simple desserts that you can enjoy sharing with special someone in your life. It can also be a powerful aphrodisiac to feed to one another before or during a ritual of love and intimacy.

Ingredients, Per Lover:
1/2 cup Greek Yogurt (Preferably from Trader Joes, but specialty markets can carry this as well)
In Summer- Try 1/2 cup Fresh Organic Sliced Peaches
In Cooler Months- Try 1/4 cup Fresh Pomegranate Seeds
1 ½ teaspoons of Raw Honey
If desired, 1 ½ Tablespoons Raw Pistachios
And of course the most important ingredient... Your Love!
In beautiful dessert bowls add each ingredient, one on top of another, and with each layer you add send your love from your heart and hands into the food to create a high vibrational "Lover's Dessert" for two.

On summer nights, you can serve this dessert outside in the warm sultry air under the stars and moonlight. On cooler nights you can snuggle up in a warm blanket in front of a fire and feed each other spoonfuls of this lover's delight. The more the taster sinks into the experience of the flavors, textures and temperatures of the dessert the more pleasure will be experienced. And by observing the pleasure your partner receives will add fuel to the flames of your passion. Your appetite for all things romantic and sensual will unfold in every bite of this dessert. What a wonderful way to spend an evening with the one you love?

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