Thursday, June 27, 2013

Love and Sexual Self Care

When we think of love and sex we think of a dynamic that includes another person.
However healthy, meaningful, skillful love and sex begins with ourselves.

Practice Love Care:
  • Nourish the Heart with Loving Gestures, and Doing What You Love.
  • Heal Your Heart Stories Around Love. Begin a New Love Chapter Today.
  • Do Heart Exercises that increases blood flow and an energy awakening of the heart and body.

Practice Sexual Care:

  • Breathe Into Your Sexual Center.
  • Honor Sex in Your Life as Pleasure-Filled, Powerful and Sacred.
  • Nourish the Sexual Organs with a Gentle Non Arousing Massage.
  • Renew a Healthy Connection to Your Sexual Energy with Your Sexual Conduct and Activity.

For more support head to the Love Spa.

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Anonymous said...

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