Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Communication: a Measure of Emotional Intelligence. Rate Yourself.

In many instances, daily communication dynamics have become disconnected from the heart or what today is known as the Emotional IQ.

Perhaps you have been at one or both ends of these lacking communication dynamics.

Examples of Depleting, Hair Pulling Communication Dynamics in Daily Experiences: 

Daters not willing to pick up the phone, leaving someone interested hanging for weeks or stringing them out for months.

An Intimate Relationship where in, one person is surprised to find out the relationship is over rather than having healthy conversations along the way and even coaching or therapy before a relationship hits a dead end.

A colleague of mine told me .....the level of disregard and disrespect is highly prevalent in the business world.  "People are not thinking anything of walking into a meeting 20 minutes late without an apology."  Business development is crowded with dialogue strings that go dead without any clarity or closure to the actual conversation that is taking place.

And an individual in any one of these situations just not doing what they enthusiastically and voluntarily say they are going to do. 

These weakened communication dynamics are an incredible waist of time for all parties. It is a statement about the lack of awareness that is brought to verbal agreements and our ability to actually follow through. It also states where we are in our emotional development around relationship building and collaborative engagement.

Respectful and Responsible Communication is a Measure of Our Emotional Intelligence. 
We are capable of the practice of conscious communication.  We are more interactive and more interconnected than ever and that requires us to collaborate with greater aptitude and mindfulness. Communication is the essential pathway for doing so. Our communication practice can enliven and liberate us --give us energy, clarity, more respect for truth in ourselves and each other. Recognize that who ever the person on the other end of the text, email, phone, or screen, is just another us. And therefore it is evident that the way we treat someone, is the way we wish to be treated.

Call forth greater accountability in all manner of relationship communication from yourself and those you interact with.

Rate yourself in your Communication/Emotional IQ.      
Answer Choices:   All the Time   Sometimes    Not at all
  1. Do I do what you say I am going to do? 
  2. Do I communicate in a respectful/responsive way to someone I am interested in?
  3. Do I communicate in a respectful/responsive way to my significant other?
  4. Do I communicate in a respectful/responsive way to my family members?
  5. Do I communicate in a respectful/responsive way to my colleagues?
  6. Do I communicate in a respectful/responsive way to people I don't know?
  7. Do I base my respectful/responsive communication on the level of importance I give to a person?
  8. Do I leave people hanging for days or weeks for a next communication from me?
  9. Do I over commit in what I say?
  10. Does over committing affect my follow through in a responsible way?
  11. Do I give clarity or closure with thoughtful communication when something isn't right for me?
Be honest in rating yourself. You will grow your Emotional IQ faster

Share this with others that you know will benefit.

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