Tuesday, April 16, 2013


The Boston Marathon, an event all about love...the love of being the fittest, the strongest, and one of the most enduring runners in the world. The runners, their attendants and those enthusiastically watching them are motivated by the passion for health, for athletics, to run, to engage and achieve greatness.

With the heartbreaking events yesterday in Boston based on an act of terror, the lens becomes razor sharp again on the choice of senseless violence and destruction by an individual or group with no care for others or for self and for life ultimately.

Enough of the false and weak anger, rage and destruction that ends beauty, passion and strength and all things that matter to lovers and little ones, mothers and fathers, friends and communities.

We are as a species far greater and more resourced than this.

Remember what makes us ultimately human as inspired from Joseph Campbell--is the love that we express from our hearts to every other living person and thing.

Let LOVE be the statement we make, the fire we light, the ammunition we use, the communication about who we are, what we spend our time and energy consuming and sharing. Let LOVE be who we are.

LOVE  is the only enduring mark, act, measure for each of us.

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