Monday, June 06, 2011

One Political Sex Scandal too many...Anthony Weiner

Enough is enough is enough. There is a serious problem in our political leadership and that is a deeply immature, narcissistic, abusive, dominating, deceptive and often destructive sexual behavior. Several years back I gave a public talk on Sex and Power where I addressed that unconscious, underdeveloped sexuality is a real problem but mixed with a powerful position it can be lethal destruction. It can ruin a reputation, a family, a life's career, important civic developments, other people's lives, a future. It is explosive as we see today with Anthony Weiner and so many times before. It is time for a thorough look at this problem. My proposal is sexual healing boot camp for the political psyche. Perhaps Weiner was chided as a kid for his last name and he unconsciously was compelled to live up to the remarks but come on, Anthony is this the legacy you really wanted the public to remember you by?

1 comment:

K Own said...

weiner had very poor judgment.

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