Wednesday, June 01, 2011

When Cosmo Isn't Enough

For today I thought I would take the moment to shed some light and bring you up to date on what Sacred Love is up to....The site is daily meeting you where you are in your love life and helping each of you with your next steps in creating high quality love and intimacy for yourself.

For instance great individuals approach Sacred Love because you want to finally find a quality partner. We offer "no more excuses" as we have both US and UK dating for this process as well as the Best Sacred Love Dating Questionnaire to enhance overall dating success.

Couples and other smart individuals come because you feel that your love life has hit a plateau and want more romance, fun, celebration, excitement, inspiration in your love that case we refer you to our excellent Empowered Relationships TV program membership, and our free Couples Connection membership (just for couples) and of course Your Weekly Ask Karinna for tips to spice things up.

Deep Love Transformation and Sexual Healing
Others come to be transformed...a love or sex makeover from the inside out that dives deep into emotional patterns and sexual dynamics that you have experienced too many times to count and are ready for a new story of dating, love and/or sexuality for yourself....This is where the Love Spa membership, Fit for Love program, Ask Karinna Top 100 Questions for a Better Love Life and of course, take you to the mat, Private Coaching Sessions come in.

Passion, Sensuality and Sex
And then of course there are those of you who come to Sacred Love for Sex, and not just any Sex, as you could find that anywhere. At Sacred Love we support you with our selection of empowering media products and the Love Spa membership to have better, more fulfilling, more passionate, more ecstatic, more multidimensional and more meaningful sex.

Sacred Love is where you come to once you have read everything in Cosmo or Maxim and realize that there has got to be more for you. It is for those who are on a passionate life path with great, high quality love as a real priority. Sacred Love is offered as your doorway into the whole spectrum of great love and intimacy for you.

Please let me know if you have any questions...

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