Friday, September 15, 2006

Low Sex Drive

Dear Karinna,

I have a very low sex drive, unlike my husband. I can go days or even weeks without having s ex and it’s hurting our relationship. Even being intimate is difficult for me. What can I do to increase my s ex drive, become more intimate, and enjoy making love with my husband?

Dear Friend,

There are several factors that could be playing into your sex drive: Emotional Harmony, Sexual Magnetism, and Sexual and Hormonal Health.

The key is to discover which one or ones are affecting you right now. Ask yourself these questions:

Are you and your husband in emotional harmony?

Are you feeling sexual magnetism with your husband?

Do you feel sexually healthy?

Do you have energy and vitality?

My first recommendation without knowing the answers to these questions is my “Fit for Love”e-book as well as the audio download workouts that can accompany it. “Fit for Love” Opens the Heart, Increases S exual Vitality and S exual Healing, and Opens you to Pleasure and Ecstasy. Anyone can do the exercises presented. They are easy, fun and can transform your s ex life very quickly into a frequent passionate, fulfilling experience for you and your husband. For more information and to try a sample exercise, go to:

If you would like to discuss the answers to the above questions you can also book a phone or in person counseling session with me by calling the Sacred Love offices at 310.849.7238 or filling out the counseling form at .

Keep sending in your questions and letters to Ask Karinna at We love hearing from you!

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