Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Courage to Love

Courage: Bravery. Quality of Spirit which faces danger without flinching. Fortitude.

To Love: Passionate devotion

It takes real courage to love well. A brave heart is required to give and receive, share, learn and keep growing in love. Faced with the variety of challenges, occasional ghouls and pitfalls, love is a feat of the emotional fittest.

When we have been hurt or saddened by a love experience it can leave us less than eager to be courageous in this department. Love though takes our bravery to create the kind of relationship that we really want.

Courage to love asks for a degree of detachment from the outcome. It involves connecting to your carefree and joyful nature. Courage also requires training yourself for love to make you ready for the sensitivity and application that you must have to consistently love well.

Detaching from the Outcome

Asking that special someone out, even if you are not sure they will want to go- Being the first to tell your new partner you are in love even if you don't know what they will say- Telling your lover the truth about what you want intimately even though it may be a challenging conversation- These are the moments that define a relationship.

Each of these acts of courage must happen to begin a relationship, bring you and your partner closer and keep growing in your relationship. Detachment to the outcome of the response supports you in being courageous in these moments.

Not that it isn't a bit scary, it is. However it can be energizing and exciting to take the risk in love and do what you thought you couldn't. By letting go of control to have it end up the way you want it to allows you to become more confident-- even if the answer doesn't go your way,
and love with more courage and enthusiasm.

Your Carefree and Joyful Nature

Having lightness in your heart develops your courage. Children love naturally and easily. It is always a joy to have a child run up and throw their arms around you and give you a hug and kiss. Connecting with your carefree, childlike nature can help you regain your passion,
juice and courage to love with open arms.

Love Training

Training yourself to be courageous in love begins with your mental attitudes and capacity to love and is completed in your courageous loving application with your loved one.

Love Yourself More

Are there aspects of yourself that you frequently criticize or don't feel good enough about? If so, what prevents you from loving yourself is your own critical mind.

Retraining the mind to not see what is wrong with you but what is right with you helps you to love yourself more. Finding love for those thighs, that funny quirk of yours, or the challenges that you are facing in your life right now all help to develop greater security in yourself that translates into more confidence and magnetism.

When we aren't loving ourselves we can find faults with others quickly. We attempt to bring them down to where we feel comfortable rather than build them up. Making others feel insecure and off balance doesn't enhance love, it destroys it. And holding others security in your hands is a sign of low self-esteem.

Loving yourself more opens up greater resources of love within you to more fully love and respect that special someone in your life.

To Love Another Courageously

To truly love another we have to learn to come out of ourselves for each other. It is our tendency to be absorbed in what we need and want, therefore always projecting those needs onto our partner. But we can train ourselves to be more sensitive to our partner's needs and desires which are separate from our own and still not leave ourselves out of the equation.

This is where our courage comes in.

We must be courageous to see our partner in their fullest joy and divine essence. We must learn to hear their truth, to respect and cherish them, to support them in having what they want in their lives, and to keep sharing and growing in love with them.

How we consistently apply our courage to loving our partner in these areas crystallizes the quality of our relationship. Courage to love another not for a few days, months, or years but for the long-term requires ongoing courage and creativity on our parts, abandoning our need to control, and a real and wondrous connection to our carefree and childlike joy.

Wishing you Sacred Love.

Karinna Kittles
Sacred Love, Inc.

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