Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Passionate Life, Passionate Love Part 2

Why are some relationships more passionate and exciting and others not? A passionate love relationship have distinct characteristics. When these qualities are absent, or are sometimes or rarely there, passion diminishes. Let's take a look at the differences between a passionate love relationship vs. a passionless love relationship.

Passionate Partners in Love Relationships:
. Enjoy Personal Passion, Pleasure and Well-being
. Express Positive Feelings towards one another daily
. Feel Desire, Sensuality, Affection, Love and Devotion for each other
. Enjoy Intimacy and Physical Pleasure Frequently
. Enjoy Healthy Dialogue
. Willing to Learn and Grow from Differences
. Can Admit Being Wrong
. Motivated towards Timely Resolutions of Bothersome Dynamics
. Actively Engage in Raising the Bar to Enhance their Love Life
. Enjoy the "In Love Experience" more and more as the relationship deepens

Passion Diminishes in Love Relationship when Partners:
. Do not express enough love and appreciation for one's lover
. Wait on the other person to take initiative and be passionate
. Begin looking at the flaws of the partner more than the gifts
. Bothersome feelings are not expressed
. Needs are repressed in the relationship
. Do not resolve troublesome issues in the relationship
. Become complacent, and take for granted the love they have

Passion, however seemingly challenging and impractical, offers the most practical experience that each one of us can have, the experience of being fully alive. When we turn our attention towards our passion, we gain energy; life gets more exciting; relationships get juicier and stronger; the world lights up.

We always have the opportunity to enjoy passion. Dare yourself to eliminate the passionless and live and love your most passionate life.

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