Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Passionate Life, Passionate Love Part 1

Passionate Life, Passionate Love Part 1

We all desire passionate lives and passionate love relationships. Why are
some lives and relationships more passionate and exciting and others not? A
passionate lifestyle and a passionate love relationship have distinct
characteristics. When these qualities are absent, or are sometimes or rarely
there, passion diminishes. Let's take a look at the differences between a
passionate life and love relationship vs. a passionless life and love

Characteristics of an Individual Passionate Life:
. Committed to what juices you
. Positive
. Full of color
. Energized
. Enjoy work that you are passionate about (that you would do whether you
were being paid or not)
. Surround yourself with others that are living passionate lives
. Feel the riskiness of being authentic and passionate and do it anyway
. Supportive of others passion

When we are disconnected or uncommitted to experiencing our passion in our
everyday lives and love relationships, they become dull and routine. We can
become negative and frequently complain. We can focus more on what is wrong
with our lives, everyone else and the world. We end up feeling we have to
escape our everyday lives to enjoy passion.

Characteristics of an Individual living a Passionless Life:
. Complains and Criticizes
. Excessively Practical
. Generally a Spectator
. Dislikes what they do for a living, (does it only to make money)
. Gossips
. Dull
. Dry
. Low Energy
. Not Supportive of others that follow their passion
. Surrounds oneself with others that are not living passionate lives
. Regularly seek to escape their daily lives

Sacred Love: The Art of Love

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