Thursday, June 23, 2005

What Makes a Great Lover?

Today many people are seeking out a great love relationship; a love relationship that allows us to be a whole person and deeply nurtures our essence and our life . To enjoy a great love relationship you must have the right ingredients . A great love calls for two people that desire and are capable of being great lovers . What makes someone a great lover? There are certain qualities that define a great lover . A great lover is generous in their capacity to give love and available to receive the abundance of the love you have to give . A great lover cultivates qualities of love in their personal life and intimate relationship . These love qualities can include respect, confidence, positive emotional and sexual expression with a loved one, courage, receptivity and commitment to the intimate experience and relationship . A great lover shares honesty, time, emotional intimacy, sexual pleasure and a willingness to grow in love with their self and with their lover . While an average lover is usually adept in a few areas of intimacy, the whole person is rarely met . Average lovers often tend to stay close to the surface and perhaps dip a toe into real intimacy for brief periods of time . A great lover can more easily navigate both

the scary waters and the ocean of ecstatic bliss in partnership . A great lover enjoys greater pleasure, deeper emotional union, and a spiritual connection in intimate partnering . Nurturing the lover within you enhances your personal comprehension of love . Your level of comprehension will increase your skill of discernment . The more developed the lover is in you, the greater your ability to identify and attract your great lover into your life . Your willingness to take the journey of self - discovery and new relationship choices will lead you to the treasure of great partnership, An overall feeling of ease, joy, and fluidity, even when obstacles arise, can signal that you and your lover are in alignment and building a healthy foundation for a rich, passionate, loving, and great relationship.

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