Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Sacred Love Interview Part 3

How Can Sacred Love help?

Sacred Love uses techniques that address mind, body and spirit - including time-honored exercises based on martial arts and meditation. Together, these techniques can reinvigorate passion and sexual desire and clear the path for a deeper, more satisfying level of intimacy.

What's wrong with couples today? Why do so many marriages end in divorce and why is infidelity so prevalent?

Many couples have never learned to develop their love, or to be more specific, take the next step. The initial passion that brings two people together for a loving, sexual relationship needs to be rekindled. In other words, when that first thrill is gone, they have nothing to replace it with. That's why many marriage partners seek to replicate that initial thrill - that immediate gratification - by an adulterous affair. Sacred Love teaches how to recreate that wonderful spontaneity, the sexual ecstasy that we once enjoyed, with our partners everyday.

Why do we need someone to teach us how to love?

Deeper levels of intimacy can be scary. It requires a certain abandon. It's like parachuting off a plane. To be successful, at some point you have to trust yourself that the parachute is going to work. Sacred Love provides the parachute in jumping to the next level of love.

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