Friday, June 03, 2005

Sacred Love Interview Part 2

What is Sacred Love based upon?

It's based upon the oldest known written works about love and intimacy that are part of the Tao philosophy and practice of ancient China. These works were written in 300 B.C., centuries before perhaps the more well-known Tantra teachings of India.

What makes Tao philosophy relevant today?

Like many ancient traditions, Tao is both universal and timeless. It utilizes the principles of yin (feminine, receptive energy) and yang (masculine, active energy) to create health, harmony and well-being within the individual. Taoist principles are the basis of Chinese medicine, which as you know, are increasingly being utilized by Americans everyday.

Who can be helped by using Sacred Love?

If you have a loving relationship, it can make it better. If you have a troubled relationship, it can restore your capacity to enjoy and share love and pleasure with your loved one.

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