Thursday, March 17, 2005

What Makes Intimacy Scary?

Most of us would agree that intimacy can be scary. I would like to pose the question what makes intimacy scary?

What scares us about intimacy can be any number of things. Fear of intimacy is rooted in what may possibly happen when we let someone we care about close to our hearts, minds and bodies. In this space of vulnerability, while it can bring us great rewards of love, pleasure, and fulfillment, it can also offer up a range of scary fears. We may fear giving too much of our independence away, and losing ourselves in love. Our fear may be criticism, and being seen as fallible and imperfect. We may fear being disrespected, lied to, rejected or betrayed.

These are valid fears. We have all experienced these fears in one form or another. They have happened to our friends. They are depicted in the media that we watch and listen to. Our fears of intimacy can begin from a traumatic experience in childhood, or a painful disappointment in a former relationship. Fear may be surfacing and causing conflict in a relationship that we have now or keeping us from drawing the love and intimacy we desire into our lives.

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