Monday, August 31, 2015

Bring the Romance Back

Love is supposed to be in the air all year long and not just during Valentine's, birthdays and special holidays. In this time and age, we are too wrapped up in a lot of things such as our work, sports matches on tv that we forget some of the things that matters the most our partner, other half, honey, wife, husband,soulmate, we forget about the person we truly love us and that we love back.

Admit it, all of us are guilty one way or another. But it is never too late to catch up, isn't it? Well, let's certainly hope not! Here are a few tips to bring back the flame in your relationship..Let's see if we can work this out:

1. Skip The Take-Out. Surprise your partner with a home-cooked meal from time to time. It feels so nice to come home to the smell of grandma's age-old recipe, a rip-off from a cookbook or even a new concoction that someone discovered from Mount Tralala.

2. Turn off your phone. If things are heating up and you feel the need to PROCREATE, you better turn off your phone before you start your engine! Imagine when you're about to climax and the phone rings, it is a major turn off! It kills the momentum! Okay, I think I stressed too much on that, hehe.

3. Text or call no more than 2-3 times per day. All right people, this is a golden rule! It is nice to read an sms saying how much you care for each other but more than 3 a day is like what 15-16 year old's do. Anyway, 2-3 times of I-Love-You's sound like you really mean it. Agree? Checking up on him/her 20 times a day is so annoying. So, it's a matter of trusting the one on the other end.

4. Welcome mornings together. We all have morning breath, so let's say it's even. Kiss each other the moment you wake up, it'll make for a good start. If you have time, eat breakfast together. 15-20 minutes of morning chat is good for the both of you.

5. Take turns in taking care of the kids. To those couples with kids, it is the rule of thumb to share the responsibilities. Sometimes, moms feel the need for a trip to the salon or a night out with girlfriends. Sometimes, the dads feel the need to attend fantasy football club meetings or an October-fest during July. So all you have to do is to take turns in order not to be burned-out. Go ahead and spend some time-out from each other. Look what happened to Jon and Kate.

6. Shave. Okay, this sounds dumb but I guess it works. When you take care of yourself, it sends a message to your partner's brain that you are prepping up for him/her. It means that you want to be desirable in his/her eyes. So go ahead, surprise him with a brazilian wax one of these days! And for men, please don't forget the nose hair trimmer.

7. Go out together with his/her friends. Of course it's a given that you have different set of friends. But sometimes, it will do the both of you good if you get to know who belongs into your partner's clique. Go on and take the girlfriends out of town or the big boys into a sports game or something like that. It's sexy knowing that you care enough to know what's happening in your partner's circle.

8. Compromise. When things don't go well together, arguments take the best out of the situation. Learn to compromise and avoid relationship pitfalls such as conflicting schedules, making the other one feel taken for granted, or even promises that weren't kept. It works well in the bedroom as well!

9. Lingerie. It doesn't matter whether your love handles is as many as your fingers, lingerie is the way to go when you want sizzle instead of fizzle. It excites the brain. Some prefer tattered t-shirt and boxers or even birthday suit, though. Choose whatever works for you. If it takes a pair of red stilettos or a pair of boxers, so be it!

10. Do something together. Jogging, bingo, disco, watching tv there are a jillion things to do that can remind you how you used to enjoy hanging out with your best person in the whole world. Reminisce how the two of you met, it always works too!

Relationships are to be built on the context of love, trust and friendship. These are just tips, it will all boil down as to how you feel, how you see and how you value your significant other that can determine if romance will bounce back. Good luck, folks! 

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