Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Infatuation vs. LOVE

How does infatuation differ from love?  Great question.

So, infatuation is usually an intense passion.  An attraction for someone often we become infatuated with a person that we don’t know that well such as a celebrity, a movie star, a sports star.  We may have no connection with this person but we become really passionate about the way they look, the way they act, what they do and that’s an infatuation.

When I was a young adult, there was a man that met me at a party.  He was just out of college, a young man and he became very infatuated with me.  The first time we connected we went out.  I thought he was a nice guy but it became clear by the end of the date that he thought we were already on the road to a real romance or real relationship and so I had to put an end to it really quickly.  The problem was is that he was infatuated so he kept calling and calling and my roommate would have to make excuses of why I couldn’t come to the phone.  So, that was infatuation.  It wasn’t based on fact.  It was based on this desire or this neediness of someone that you like or you look up to.

Love is different.  Love is real time shared with someone else where you get to know each other, support each other, care about each other.  There is a mutual exchange of affection and of attraction for one another.  This is the basis of what love is so the difference is infatuation is desire based on fantasy and love is care and support and attraction based on a real experience.

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