Monday, March 03, 2014

Men Women Want

Here's what I believe a woman really wants. A woman today really wants a renaissance man. A man who has a strong backbone, is comfortable in his own masculinity. But has cultivated a connection with his feminine qualities. So, there's a really nice balance between the masculine and the feminine.

A woman wants you to know how to love, how to care, how to nurture, how to be romantic and how to make love to her. She's also looking for someone who really has partnership qualities. And what that means is that as a man you can see her. You can appreciate the external package and really see her true beauty. And you love it. And you also can see her vulnerabilities. And you appreciate them. You welcome them. You handle them with care.

A woman wants a man who does not waste her time nor play games. She wants someone who is confident and considerate and respectful and treats her well in communication and action. Because she wants to experience the fullness, the ecstasy of true relationship, the pleasure, the challenge, the creativity, the adventure, the up against your own thresholds of intimacy. She wants to experience it all. And she needs to know that she's with someone who really has her back.

She especially wants to know that her man can handle life's difficulties and face challenges with a lightness of heart and spirit of collaboration.

And for you the most important thing to note, you've got it in you. So go for it.

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