Thursday, February 06, 2014

What is Sacred Love?

Today, I'm going to speak to you about Sacred Love. One of my Love Quotes from my newsletter is about preparing yourself emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually for Sacred Love.

Please define Sacred Love.

Here at, we have a mission and our mission is to inspire and support people just like yourself all around the world to open up to the possibility of and enjoy the experience of the highest quality, most meaningful, most empowered, ecstatic love. 

That is what Sacred Love is. It's high quality, meaningful, empowered, ecstatic love.
This is a real experience. It'd not just a dream. It's not a fantasy. It is possible. And the key to having Sacred Love in your life is to prepare yourself. Prepare yourself emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Develop yourself as capital L-O-V-E-R, lover. Identify as the lover. A lover is someone who understands and acts from a place of artful loving. It is not about all the right moves or the right line at the right time. It's about why you love, why you do what you do, and then how you do it.

So, when you focus on why you love and then how you do it. What you do is just the natural extension and connecting in to the deep why of Sacred Love to the way you love will open up just incredible new worlds to you in the experience of loving another.

And you will naturally attract someone who can identify great love, high quality love, meaningful, ecstatic love who wants it. Who's not hanging out in game plan that's for adolescents. This is someone who is ready for the real bang. 

I encourage you to claim that experience, the experience of Sacred Love for yourself.

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