Friday, December 04, 2009

The New Sacred Love-Is Almost Here

December Surprise: The New is Almost Here

You may remember back in January of this year filling in an important Sacred Love survey answering questions of how Sacred Love was meeting your needs and what you would like added as part of our services. Well Sacred Love Members we listened to you and wishes do come true. We have been working for an entire year, all of 2009, on developing the new Sacred and it is just weeks away from being ready for you to experience and enjoy.

Experience is the key word as we will be providing a unique variety of membership services to create "Your Love Lifestyle" at whatever stage you are, in your love life.This new set of love service opportunities is fueled by Karinna's deep passion to help you enjoy more meaningful relationships today. That means that if you are single there are Sacred Love services just for you to inspire you in love, help you find your own Sacred Love and support your growth to have more of the love you desire now! And if you are currently in a relationship we have services for the two of you to enliven your romance, deepen your love and spice up your intimate life with that special someone.

Whether you are at any of these stages of your love life:
Just Loving Yourself Right Now
Want to be Dating
Are Dating
In Love Right Now
In a Committed Relationship
Newly Weds
Going Through Marriage Challenges
Married Forever
Healing Your Heart
Ready to Love Again
Loving Anew

At the new Sacred we are honored and ready to serve you.

The New takes all that we do already another quantum leap to support you in having a more Fun, Fun, Fun and Meaningful, Quality, Romantic Love Life no matter where you are in your process. Our Sacred Love services will be available for you on your own time, at your own pace, whenever you like 24/7. Your only dilemma will be picking and choosing your favorite memberships to try first.

We look forward to revealing the new site to you in the coming weeks and answering any questions you have before and after. To contact us you can use the following:
Tweet at
Or email

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