Monday, November 16, 2009

Where in the World Would Your Oyster Be?

In honor of the 1000 Years of Sexual Wisdom E-book release....

I have some questions for you to answer. Take the following questionnaire to find out where in the world your oyster would be as a lover. Bold the following answers (you can bold more that one choice) and email the questionnaire back to and I will let you know what global culture's sexual wisdom you resonate most deeply with and which would bring out more of your adventurous intimate nature?

1-What do you like best?
A. Tea
B. Honey
C. Texture
D. To paint
E. To watch
F. To cook
G. Physical challenge

2-What phrase inspires your romantic imagination?
A. I love you
B. Ana behibak
C. S'agapo
D. J'taime
E. Ani ohev otah
F. Nu' umi unangwa'ta
G. Jeg Elsker Deg
H. Ngo oiy ney a
I. Hum Tumhe Pyar Karte

3-What kind of intimate mood would you like best?
A. Wild
B. Romantic
C. Mystical
D. Enchanted
E. Profound
F. Teasing
G. Festive
H. Playful
I. Heated

4-What setting is most appealing?
A. Au Natural
B. Dramatic
C. Classic Honeymoon
D. Dark
E. Bright
F. Temple-esque
G. Hidden
H. Intoxicating

5-What kind of intimate experience would you most like to try out with your lover?
A. Ritual
B. Primal
C. Easy
D. Daring
E. Ceremonial
F. Diverse
G. Regal
H. Sweet and Sultry
I. Union with the Divine

Now return your answers to to find out the deeper origins of your personal inspiration and passion! I will reply to you this week!

Or just buy the ebook and find out right now for yourself with 1000 Years of Sexual Wisdom.

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