Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Historical Sex Practices Create Renewed Romance for Couples

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1000 Years of Sexual Wisdom E-book

Every week for the last three years bestselling author of Intimate Wisdom, The Sacred Art of Love and founder of, Karinna Kittles-Karsten has been answering singles and couples questions about true love and intimacy in her popular syndicated column Ask Karinna and the relationship advice that she imparts well, let’s say, can date back thousands of years.

In one of her recent columns Karinna wrote, “What I have found through my quest to understand the origins of human intimate experience on the planet is that each ancient regional culture from Egypt to the Mediterranean to Asia dating back thousands of years had their own unique and rich ideas, rituals, and sexual techniques for creating the best lovemaking experiences that we as modern individuals may have never imagined. Not just one or two cultures but many ancient cultural people's sex lives were multi-sensory, multi-layered and infused with unique meaning that resulted in full mind and body satisfaction and a state of rich interconnectedness.”

She sees this global know-how as a refreshing remedy for many modern couples relationships who find their once vital sex life waning and want it back. The questions that Karinna gets most often are, “How do I keep my sex life satisfying?” “How do I extend lovemaking?”and “How do we keep the feelings of romance alive?”

What we generally regard as good sex is a handful of positions that arouse certain pleasing sensations and allow us to maintain the momentum until we reach a crescendo in a brief matter of minutes. But what if this was, in fact, the very thing that shuts so many people down from their physical arousal and emotional interest in an ongoing sex life? After just a little while-the routine, the mechanics, the lack of ideas, colors and flavors and above all lack of significance just becomes too boring to get the energy and other things up, states Mrs. Kittles-Karsten.

She believes that singles and couples can learn from the past and by doing so discover a whole world of unexplored intimate territory. This can refresh, satisfy and extend their lovemaking even better than before, says Kittles-Karsten. In her new e-book, 1000 Years of Sexual Wisdom, Karinna compiles the world's ancient sexual histories, rites, and techniques all together in one, ground-breaking book. The book will lead you across continents, exploring the Temple Rites of the Middle East, the Sexual Magic of Ancient Egypt, China's Tao of Love, India's Tantric Sex, Fertile Fantasy Rituals of the Mediterranean, Chivalry & Romance of Western Europe, Shamanic Sex Ceremonies and Natural Nordic Love Practices. The ancient global ideas and techniques to make love are accessible and fun to learn about and easy step by step guidance is offered to explore and relish each and every one. Karinna hopes that singles and couples will feel a real sense of romantic adventure and take the journey to explore these historical exciting, hidden treasures for themselves in their own modern bedroom.

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