Tuesday, March 03, 2009

How was The Bachelor's Discernment?

Hi Everyone,

I don't know if any of you watch ABC's, "The Bachelor" but I have this season. For me it is a somewhat entertaining case study on how a person chooses a partner that is or isn't really compatible for them.

Last night, The Bachelor Jason Mesnick asked Melissa to marry him in the Finale of the show. However less then 15 minutes later on "After the Final Rose" he said he was ending it with Melissa because he didn't feel they had the right chemistry after all.

Well he should have asked me because it was clear that while Melissa was a lovely and very loving young woman and they cuddled well together they did not have enough of a Yin Yang dynamic--which is actually what chemistry is --the compounds of (Yang) fire and water(Yin) that creates steam and the ultimate dynamic relationship. Jason is actually a yin water personality-quiet, solid, steady and Melissa is very much a yin personality fluid, receptive, soft, easy going. While they looked cute together and seemed to get along well, what Jason needed was to pick a woman with a personality that was more firey than his own which is the why he was so attracted to Molly. She wasn't afraid of taking charge, trying new things, going the extra mile. She lite him up and you could see it on his face when he was with her.

I for one was disappointed that Jillian the 2nd runner up from Canada was not picked. She actually possessed both strong yin and yang qualities. She was successful, fun, honest, and knew who she was a lot more than the final two that he choose. But Jason told her in the end that he didn't know if he could keep up with her and I absolutely believe he told Jillian the truth. However it was fascinating that Jillian actually did not want to believe that. When she was on the "Women Tell All" show to discuss the events she said that she believed what he said was an excuse and if he really wanted to be with her he would have. Wrong! This is what women do so often-they say I don't believe him-when the man has actually told the truth which keeps women on a path of chasing and picking men that are completely not right for them and that don't want to be in a relationship with them.

I believe that Jason is still developing. He is a young man that needs a young, developing woman to be by his side and both Molly and Melissa are that. I think he made the right decision to say he made a mistake quickly (saving everyone alot more heartache) and take a chance with reapproaching Molly. I actually think their chemistry just might work for both of them.

As for Jillian--My advice is Aim Higher!-You deserve it and you can have it!! Empowered ladies take note!

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